Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Braces update - week 2

Nothing much to report, really... No pain (except for some wires poking into my cheeks, but it's bearable and can be sorted out with dental wax), not much change since the last update.

I mentioned before I would post some photos of at this point, but the little changes are not very noticeable on the photos, so not much point... I'll do this probably just before the 2nd adjustment (in a couple of months or so), as I was told that on my 1st adjustment (in 2 weeks) the wires will properly tightened, so hopefully we should see more visible changes after that.

I have been reading blogs and other information on fellow "bracies", and I have to say, I have been pretty lucky so far, as I haven't had any mouth ulcers, or any other problems (apart from the pressure pain in the first week) that they complain about. Then again, it's only the beginning and I have been keeping up with my oral hygiene to minimize these sort of problems... Fingers crossed, it'll continue this way!

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