Thursday, 25 June 2009

Early gift...

Today, I got a special delivery at work:

They were from my husband for the special occasion of our 1st wedding anniversary (this weekend). We had decided we wouldn't do anything major, but we would still like to celebrate it, so we came up with this idea: we would surprise each other in some simple way. And this was Mr Y's way... It came today and a bit early because, firstly I wouldn't be expecting it, and secondly it was really the best time for it to happen. You see, tomorrow I'm only doing half day at work, then I'm off to the ortho, then to meet my friend Nadia, which means I probably won't get home until late. We have quite a busy weekend ahead, plus hubby didn't want his surprise to clash with mine. So he played it safe.

Thank you, gorgeous!


  1. Happy Anniversary Barbara and Fabrice!

    Cant believe it's been a year since your beautiful wedding. Have a lovely day celebrating :D

    Lots of Love Nadia and James x

  2. Thank you, honey! It was was a quiet one, but a celebration nonetheless :D