Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Feeling hot, hot, hot...

In think it's safe to say: summer has arrived! These last few days have been quite warm (about 28 - 30 degrees Celsius) and although I've lived in hotter countries, here there is high humidity, which makes a bit harder to cope with. It's that sort of heat that makes it hard to breathe... Also, I think after all the time I've lived here, my body has adjusted, so I can handle the cold better, but in the Summer I'm more sensitive to the heat & humidity...

This week a heat wave has been forecast and announced, together with a health warning. I used to think it was silly to produce a health warning, because although yes, it's hot, it's also hardly the Sahara... But, now I understand it... Not only because of how it affects me personally (as explained above), but also because people tend to over-do it (as we don't get this sort of weather very often) and get sun burns, or even worse, skin cancer. The health warning also serves the purpose of reminding people of the rise in number heat strokes, which especially affects the more vulnerable (older generation and children).

I'll definitely enjoy the sunshine whenever I can. I think we just have to be careful and use sun protection whenever out for long periods.

Anyway, enough of the lecture...


  1. It is sooooooo hot and although I love the sun shining, I'm struggling with the heat. Hopefully the weather is just as nice in Italy (2 days before I jet off), you know what life is like. It will be great weather at home and raining on holiday :D I'm getting really excited now and will start packing any minute now. Hope you are drinking plenty of water Barbs and enjoying the weather when you can.

  2. Pack me, pack me!!!! :P

    I'm really excited for you, take loads of photos!