Thursday, 18 June 2009

My Tunbridge Wells

As these last few days have been mostly good weather-wise (sun shining, blue sky), I have been appreciating and enjoying the area where I live (and work) more. Tunbridge Wells (TW) is a beautiful town, and it's even more noticeable on a sunny and warm day.

The area of Royal Tunbridge Wells (usually shortened to Tunbridge Wells) it's over 400 years old and was built around iron-rich springs (which were believed to improve ill-health), making it a spa retreat visited by royalty and other high status people over the last 4 centuries. More information about the town's history, demographics, etc can be found here. One of these springs is quite close to my workplace, and I've had a look... Ok, its water might be known for its healing properties, but it's orange! Yeah... not in a rush to try it...

Like most places, TW is more "alive" in the summer, with its various parks, outdoor areas of coffee shops and restaurants, etc very busy with people enjoying the good weather. I quite like to pop out for lunch, weather permitting, and spend my break on a park nearby, reading a book or listening to music and watching people go about their business.

To me TW has this mix of old and new. The buildings portray the history of the town, but there are modern shops and restaurants too. Add green spaces to the mix, and TW is a fantastic area. It's about 31 miles (50 km) from central London and less than 1 hour by train. I personally prefer to live outside of London, but it's great to be near enough that we can go there on a day (or night) out.

It sounds like I'm "selling" TW, but I do really like living here and I definitely recommend it for a day out, or a short break.

You would have thought with all this talk, I should have some photos too, but I don't yet. I'll take some soon and post them later. In the meantime have a look at the tourism website for TW.

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  1. Hey Honey,

    Sounds like you are living in your ideal location. I think you should set up the "I love Tunbridge Wells" society :D Just joking!!!!

    I must say whenever I visit you , I always think that it is a really lovely area. It feels like a seaside town, for some reason.