Friday, 24 July 2009

More good dental news

I had a check up yesterday, and all is great. The dentist was very thorough, checking each tooth at a time, poking my gums to see if they bled (sign of gum disease), which they didn't. So, I passed with flying colours! :D

This time I celebrated with ice-cream, one scoop of stracciatella and one of tiramisu flavours from the italian ice-cream shop. :P

Oh, the dentist asked me about my flossing technique, and I explained I just slip the floss thread under my braces and floss as normal. So, I ask any brace-wearers out there, because I have no idea how else I could floss: how do you floss? Have you got any special techniques? And while I'm at it, what floss thread/tapes work for you?

My dentist suggested I try Oral B Super Floss, which is meant to make flossing easier if you're a bracie. It has stiff ends, so you can slip it directly in between teeth. Also it has a slightly thicker thread bit, for slightly bigger spaces (between teeth). I got a sample of this. I'll try it out and let you know how I get on.

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