Friday, 28 August 2009

To do - London

I am ashamed to say I have lived in or around London for 9 years and I haven't visited most of the tourist attractions and landmarks in London, nor have I really enjoyed much of what London has to offer (for example, New Year's at Trafalgar Square). So here comes another list, this time of things that I would like to do in London (in no particular order):

- Visit Madame Tussauds - Done!
- Visit the Natural History Museum - Done!
- Visit the Science Museum - Done!
- Visit the British Museum
- Visit Buckingham Palace (seen it, but have not been inside)
- See the change of guard at Buckingham Palace
- See the Notting Hill carnival - Done!
- See the New Year's fireworks in Trafalgar Square
- Go on the London Eye
- See the Lion King musical
- See Cats (musical)
- See a tennis match at Wimbledon

That's what I can think of for now, but I know there's a lot more, so I'll be updating this list as I remember more things...

We will probably do a few of the things on the list this (Bank Holiday) weekend, so I'm really excited and looking forward to it.

A good weekend to everybody!

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