Monday, 7 September 2009

Natural History Museum and Science Museum

The weekend before last (bank holiday weekend), hubby and I went to the Natural History and the Science Museum. We also went to the Notting Hill Carnival, but I'll leave that for a separate post.

So, we left early(ish) in the morning and got there to face what looked like an enormous queue, but actually, it didn't take that long to get in (probably 15-20 minutes), but it was long enough to appreciate the building which is nearly 130 years old. I'm always amazed by old building and I try to imagine how it would have been to build something like this in those times.

Once inside, there was another long queue to see the dinosaurs, but once we were in, we kept moving through all the areas in the museum.

It was very interesting to see all the dinos skeletons (some real, some replicas) and to read all the information about them, and their similarities with animals living now (they way the move, fight, hunt, etc).

I also quite enjoyed seeing the life-size replica animals, in the mammals section, including the biggest mammal on earth, the Blue Whale. I loved the big cats area too, because I got to appreciate their sheer size (lion, tiger, etc). I mean, they always look so cute on TV, that I forget how big and dangerous they really are :D.

My little brother would love to go the animals part, he's completely fascinated by them.
I definitely a trip we'll organise next time my family are over.

We spent quite a long time in the museum and I think the only part we didn't see was the minerals section (never really been a fan of geology :P).

When then we to the Science Museum, which is next door to the Natural History Museum, but didn't really spend a lot of time in there, because we were hungry and wanted to go for lunch, and also the part that we really wanted to see was the IT area, but it was closed for building works. I loved a section they had with model things, i.e. small ships, machines, trains, etc, some of them "cut" across so we could see the interior and all the little details.

I would like to back there one day, with more time to see the things we missed because we were in a rush to go for lunch and then to the carnival.

All in all, I really enjoyed the museums and being a tourist in London :D.

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