Thursday, 22 October 2009

Braces Update - 5 months (well, almost...)

It's a few days before it's officially 5 months, but I had an adjustment yesterday, so I thought I'd do this post a bit earlier.

My ortho was happy with the progress of the bottom teeth (well, after 8 weeks since the last torturous adjustment, they better have progressed!) and upgraded the bottom wire (to the very last one I'll need). Also although I was expecting her to go ahead with closing the big gaps (where I had the extractions), she decided to close the little ones at the bottom (result of the movement of the bottom teeth) first, by using a power chain (I finally know what that is :P). I go back in 5 weeks time, when she plans to start the closing-the-big-gaps process.

It's amazing how quickly my teeth move (when they want too). As I had taken the afternoon off work to go to the appointment, I decided to go do a bit of shopping and then met up with a friend for dinner. By the time I got home last night, one of the little gaps had already closed! And this morning, my lower arch was behind the upper arch (as the bottom front teeth moved back slightly), instead of "aligned" with the top arch as it had been before the adjustment!!!!. I'll post some pictures on here later so you can see what I mean.

And, more good news, my ortho says I should be finished before the end of next year (and not May 2011, as previously suggested)!!!! Yay!

So, all good... the only bad news is the pain... but, then again, that's not really new... should subside in a few days...

Go tee-eeth, go tee-eeth, go tee-eeth....

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