Thursday, 15 October 2009

Charity ride

Further to the last post, I have decided to buy a bike and cycle to work (whenever the weather allows). That in itself will be a huge challenge for me (lol), considering I haven't ridden a bike since I was about 15 (I don't even have a bike yet!)! And apart from the odd walk to/from work I don't really exercise much... But! All that will change... it has to if I'm to fulfill the last of my new year resolutions: to establish an exercise regime to keep myself fit and healthy... yeah... that hasn't been going well at all... until now! Well, I had to do something... we're fast approaching the end of the year, and I didn't want this to be the one new year resolution I failed to complete (or at least start). NOTE: For who cares, my other 2 new year resolutions were:

- Get my teeth straightened (started! - as you can see from the horrible photos throughout this blog)
- Sort out our finances, pay debts, start saving (very good progress!)

Anyway, thanks to my very good friend N who suggested the idea and the fact that I obviously must have been in a "I can do anything" mood, I didn't stop there... I have registered to do a charity ride in May next year... but oh, no, not just a little 20 mile ride... noooo! More like a London to Paris, 260 miles ride!!! (gulp!) It is for a good cause, so I'm sure it'll be worth it (if I survive it that is... lol). This is to sponsor Crusaid, which is a charitable organisation for support of people with HIV/AIDS. I particularly wanted to do something for HIV/AIDS, as it greatly affects Africa and I just wanted to do my little bit to support this cause.

I will post more details once the registration process is complete and provide more details of the event itself soon.

Also, once I have bought the bike (I've already chosen it, should have it in the next few weeks, so I'm not bluffing!), I will start to train, according to the training guide provided by people organising the event and I will look into joining a local cycling group for motivation and support.

Hubby said he will train with me when he can, and he even wanted to do the ride with me, but I really want to do this one by myself and feel that I have achieved some of MY goals, so although I will be quite happy for him to see me cross the finish line (probably in last place... and wheezing...), I would like to cross it on my own (probably quite literally, because I doubt anybody will still be there by the time I arrive... lol!).

I guess I should start jogging or something to increase my fitness level and my stamina...

I'll let you know how this progresses... wish me luck!

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