Wednesday, 2 December 2009


This year we have my side of the family coming over for Christmas and New Year. I have pretty much everything to organise:
- presents (hopefully sorting these this weekend, but haven't even thought about them...)
- decide on food and place orders on anything requiring pre-ordering (probably the turkey)
- buy, write and send Christmas cards
- probably other things that I haven't even thought about...

...and we have 3 weeks to go... but, on the plus side, there is one thing which is already done:

And the "piece de resistance"...

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  1. Hi Hon, How's it going???? Sorry haven't had a look at your blog in a little while. Love the tree very stylish, cant wait till I have my own one to play with :) Happy New year sweetness, what a lot you have in store. I truly hope you achieve all your goals. Keep smililng Nads x