Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Braces update - 8 months

I can't believe it's been 8 months! I know I missed the 7th month update, but I'll cover the last 2 months here.

My bottom molars (2nd from the back)have moved significantly, but unfortunately, due to snow and disruption to the trains, I had to cancel my appoitment a couple of weeks ago and the next available appointment is in about 3 weeks or so from now... huge delay (although I am hoping that I get an appointment before then, but I have to keep calling the appointments line to check)... it was going so well, I didn't really want to delay it, but I had no choice, so there's no point fretting about it.

I had a routine dental check up and higyenist appoiment yesterday, and both the dentist and the higyenist were very happy with my teeth and gums, and I was told I probably don't have to go back until after I have the braces removed (if it happens within the next year as planned). Yay! The next time I go to the dentist, I won't have my braces!!!!!

I'm considering teeth whitening too (to complete the change :D ) when I'm done with the braces, but I want to do some research first before I make a decision.

I'll post some photos soon...

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