Saturday, 20 February 2010

Braces update - 9 months (nearly)

Just thought I'd do this one a bit earlier, as I had an adjustment yesterday (after 10 weeks!) and because I realised I'd been promising photos for a while and had not actually posted any.

So, at the ortho appointment yesterday, I could tell she was a bit worried at the delay between appointments... until she looked at my teeth and realised it wasn't actually that bad and that there had been good progress. :D The she proceeded to cause the pain that I'm in now (I'm not been ungrateful, I promise)... She changed replaced the spring things (can't think of the name right now) she put on the bottom arch to close the big gaps (by pulling them forward) with some plastic/rubber things (still don't know the name - see pics below) to continue with the same work. And she did the same to close the top gaps, which is what's causing the ache on the whole of the top arch (!). Then we set the next appointment for 3 week's time, which should put me right back on schedule. :D

I've been so fed up with the braces lately, especially as I thought things had been delayed a lot (due to the cancelled appointment I mentioned before) and still can't wait to get them off, but after yesterday's positive feedback from the ortho and comparing pictures from a couple of months ago and ones I took today, I've reminded myself how far I've come and the the end is getting closer and closer. Also I got myself into this for a good reason (and many people are not as lucky as me), so I should be thankful and stop moaning!

See the progress for yourselves...

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