Saturday, 1 May 2010

I'm alive...

Well... life, work and routine happens and before you know it it's been 2 months since my last blog update...

So, this is what's been going on:

-Work has been quite busy for both of us, and any free time we have we try to spend quality time together and to relax (or recharge the batteries)

- Braces-wise, it's all been pretty boring... Not sure if it's because there hasn't really been much change in the way my teeth look (the extraction gaps are smaller on both top and bottom arches, but there haven't been significant changes) or because after practically 1 year, I've just had enough... But, I'm hanging on, not too long to go now (hopefully)...

- We have planned a few breaks/holidays over the spring/summer months, instead of one or two big holidays:
  • Isle of Wight, over the Easter weekend - unfortunately cancelled at the last minute, as hubby was ill, poor thing
  • Rome, May - A short city break with hubs
  • Fuerteventura ( Canary Islands), June - a girly week in the sunshine
  • Lisbon, July - a few days with hubby and family
  • Paris, August - London to Paris cycle ride for charity (postponed from May)
  • Maybe Tunisia?, September - not yet decided, but a week away with hubs to catch the last of the sun rays, before the autumn/winter
- We're having our garden tidied up (by a professional - it's become too much for us to do ourselves) in the next couple of weeks - will take before and after photos and post here

- We're also hoping to do a few bits and pieces of DIY in the house (if/when we have a little time)

So, that's more or less it... for now I'm just going to enjoy this bank holiday weekend and I hope you do to!

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  1. Hey Honey,

    Been awhile since you have updated your blog. Must mean you have been doing lots of fabulous things with family and friends. Your holiday plans sound excellent and I'm extremely jealous as it doesn't look promising that I will be going abroad any time soon. Oh well will have to pray for a miracle and hope that the UK get a summer that last more than 3 hours :) Not holding my breath. Can't wait to see you, its been too long x