Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Since I have not posted much recently, I missed out on mentioning a few of this year's important dates, such as:

- Hubby's birthday (March) - He celebrated 3 decades (!!!)
- Our 2nd wedding anniversary (June) - this year it was a very low profile affair, as I was in Fuerteventura on the day, but on my return we went on a date night, which involved a meal out and cinema. It was lovely and relaxed and just what we wanted. Now, on our "real" anniversary (i.e. on the day when that first kiss happened), which is coming up in November and when we'll celebrate 9 years together, I am hoping we will be able to do something a little more special, although not sure what yet...
- My 30th birthday (July) - Notice I mentioned the word "decades" in reference to Hubs age... well, he keeps making jokes about how "grown up" I am, despite the fact he's only a few months older than me, so I thought I would take the opportunity to make him sound old, I mean, mature. :P

Neither of us wanted to do anything special on our actual birthdays, but decided to do a late joint celebration with a few friends and family (soon), as we couldn't just let the occasions go unnoticed (hey, you're only 30 once!).

A few people asked the usual question of "how do you feel at 30?" and the answer is: the same, but different. The same because, of course, it's just another day added to the other nearly 11000 days of life and there were no actual visible changes in my life from my last day of being 29 and my first of being 30. But, I guess it is a sort of a symbolic occasion, right? There's always a bit of nostalgia over the past, and all those memorable moments, and also a sort of excitement over what's to come. It made me think about how far I got and how much I have achieved, in so many different ways (emotionally, mentally, financially, etc), with all the ups and downs life has thrown. And all that "30th birthday" milestone analysis has just re-enforced my belief that life is for living! Simple concept, huh? It's good to remind ourselves of that sometimes, though. As has happened in life so far, there will continue to be ups and downs, but I think it's important to try to make the most of the ups and to not let the downs drag us down too much. I know it's not always possible/easy to strike the right balance, but the reality is only we can live our own individual lives, so we must try our best, right?

Ok, I think I've exceeded my philosophical analysis quota now... Anyway, cheers to life and all the stuff that comes with it!

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  1. Wise words Barbs as ever. Simple concept hits a chord with me. As a fellow 30 year old I thought I would feel....different somehow. I do more optimistic about the future, sometimes it is not the destination but the journey ;)