Tuesday, 24 August 2010

More achievements...

In the previous post I mentioned other items in my To-do list, and here's an update on that:

- finish the ortho treatment (being very optimistic here, because in theory it's supposed to end around May 2011) - All done! Very, very, very, very happy about that! Especially as I have now been officially discharged and my retainer sentence reduced to nights only (instead of 18 hours a day) for 1 year and then gradually reduced down to 1 night a week (indefinitely, if I want to ensure my teeth stay in place)

- establish an exercise routine (yeah, it might take me that long...) - Started well, with the cycling, but when I accepted I couldn't to the ride, I lost the motivation to keep cycling, so this only happens occasionally (rarely, more like) and as a leisure thing, rather than an exercise thing... BUT! This lack of exercise is in the process of changing, because:
a) I've bought myself a pair of Reebok Easytone trainers, which I wear pretty much every day around the office and on my 30 minute walk home. I will let you know if they work ;)
b) I'm starting Pilates classes soon! I've booked myself an assessment at a Pilates studio about 3 minutes from work for next week, and hope to do classes twice a week (depending on the result of the assessment, of course)

- sort out my loft (it might also take me that long... lol) - Ha! I did it! Well, hubby helped, but I initiated it ;). It took 3 trips to the tip, but it's all done now. I finally know exactly what's up there and where to find things!

Pretty successful report, hey? :D

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