Monday, 29 November 2010

17 weeks (and a bit)

On one hand it feels like counting in weeks (instead of months) makes time go slower, but then, before you realise it, it's been another week, and another, and soon we're half way through the pregnancy!

Not much has changed, except for the reduction in the nausea/sickness and the increase in the waistline :) . I seem to have a little more energy than before, but because I can't seem to sleep very well at night, I still feel quite tired during the day. I'm eating a bit better, but because my appetite had pretty much disappeared, I'm very slowly building the portions I eat throughout the day back up. Luckily, I seem to prefer soups, salads and fruit (you know, the healthy stuff) at the moment, although there is some junk food going into the mix too here and there :P.

I've started to think about the decoration for the baby/guest bedroom (hoping to make that combination work somehow) and sort of started to think about what we'd need to buy... but, haven't done anything about it yet. In fact, the very first baby-related thing that has happened is that we were given a little hand knitted blanket by a friend. Baby's first thing... :)

It's not that I'm waiting to find out the sex of the baby before doing/buying anything, as I'm planning to go down the gender-neutral path, but I just haven't had the energy/time to turn these random ideas into an actual plan yet. And I guess we have time... but, I'm looking forward to it all! Most of all I'm looking forward to meeting our little baby (when he/she's cooked and ready, of course!) .

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