Monday, 15 November 2010

Reasons to celebrate

On the Friday just gone, hubby and I celebrated 9 years together (9 years!). It seems it was only the other day he said "I think I like you" :). Those simple words led us to where we are today, with all those wonderful experiences together (with ups and downs, of course, but the general balance being positive ;) ), culminating in the most important and amazing experience of all: creating a new life (literally) together. Speaking of which, on Friday, we also completed 15 weeks of pregnancy, so I'll take this opportunity for a quick pregnancy update.

So, at 15 weeks, we've had the results for the first batch of tests, and, thankfully, everything seems great, so far. With the nausea and sickness (which seems to be improving gradually), I lost a bit of weight, but the midwife told me not to worry about it, because the baby will take what it needs from me, even if I don't feel like eating much, and I will probably make up for it later on in the pregnancy. As long as I try to eat what I can, every couple of hours or so, drink plenty of water, take multi-vitamins (with folic acid) and rest as much as I can, it should all be alright.

Another thing I'm keen to get going again is exercise. As my energy levels seem to be slowly returning, I can start thinking about it seriously again. I've got a couple of prenatal exercise DVDs, which I will try at some point soon (and review here). When I first found out I was pregnant, attending a weekly pregnancy pilates class seemed like a great idea. But, that changed a couple of weeks later, when sickness, low-blood pressure and total lack of energy hit me. With the DVDs I can do as short or as long an exercise session as I wish and, of course, choose the right moment to do it (depending on how I feel). Not to mention, I'll save some money, to spend on baby related shopping, or who knows, maybe even a little break with hubs, before baby arrives.

I have a tiny little belly, but in the last few days it seems to have grown that little bit more, although, I doubt anybody would look at me and guess I'm pregnant :). But, hey, I see it :P.

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