Wednesday, 22 December 2010

20 weeks and 2nd scan

So, we went along to the 2nd scan (what they call anomaly scan) a few days ago... I was particularly excited about this one, for many reasons:

- this time we knew what to expect (as in, we were unsure as to how much we'd be able to see when we went for the first scan and we're pleasantly surprised at the clarity of everything and the little details) and we were looking forward to seeing our little one again

- of course, we wanted to know if everything was ok with the baby and knew they'd be checking for everything in a lot more detail

- I was dying to know the gender of the baby!

It was amazing (as expected)! We saw so much (but not everything! - more about this in a bit)! The sonographer checked various parts of the brain and did some measurements, and said everything was as she'd expect. Then we saw the little heart with it's 4 chambers beating beautifully (as the sonographer put it). We saw other little organs in the chest and abdomen, arms, legs and the face. I wasn't expecting to see anything else, of course, but it was still incredible to see all of it. As the sonographer was noting down all the measurements and we asked her if she could find out the sex of the baby, the power went off in the building! She said "I'm soooo sorry, but unfortunately I'll have to do the measurements again, as the power went before I could save anything!". I was quite happy to spend more time looking at my little bean moving around, stretching and making fists. So cute!

Anyway, she did it all over again, and then she tried to print some pictures for us to keep, and the printer ran out of paper! At that point, I was happy that my baby was ok, & I was starting to feel anxious about finding out the sex (for those of you who don't know, I'm a bit of a control freak, and I just wanted to know!) , so any delays were not welcome... Anyway, printer sorted and photos printed, she finally starts looking for an answer to our gender question... I see her trying all angles and then finally she says : "I'm really trying here, but your baby has the cord between it's legs!". What?? She then suggests I give my belly a good wiggle or two and then has another look... "No, the cord is still there. Another very good wiggle?". I oblige with enthusiasm (I want to know!!!), but this attempt also proves fruitless... "The baby's got it's legs crossed with the cord between them and seems determined to stay that way"...

Conclusion: because (thankfully!) everything seems to be going well with the pregnancy, we have not been offered any more scans and could potentially not find out if it's a boy or a girl until the birth! I had decided: we were going to go for a private scan and find out the gender! Hubby disagreed. He said after the delays (power cut and printer running out of paper) , we find out the baby is making it difficult for us to find out what it is? "That HAS to be a sign! We're not meant to find out!". What??? Since when you believe in "signs" and "not meant to be", dear hubby??? Since now apparently! And this time he's asserting his authority and not letting me convince him that we NEED to find out the gender. Well, I could just go ahead and do the scan by myself, but it wouldn't be the same without him and I don't want to have to keep it a secret, so I won't (SIGH)... I guess it'll just have to be a surprise...

That aside, I'm very happy and grateful that all is ok and my baby is healthy. And moving a lot! We can now see my belly move - it's so weird and amazing (I know, that word again!).

And going with the flow of the happiness and enthusiasm, we have (finally!) painted the spare room (horrible lilac, be gone!) and it's now ready for me to "do my magic" with furnishings and bits and bobs. I shall share a photo or two, once it's done.

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