Thursday, 20 January 2011

A new year and nearly 25 weeks

First of all... a very Happy 2011 to you!!! I hope it's at least better than 2010!

It started well for me because I decided not to set any resolutions for this year, as I already have what I wished for: a baby on it's way! I remember this time last year I had a bit of a panic, because I knew eventually we would like to start a family and there was so much I needed to do (did I mention I'm a bit of a control freak??) !!! Now, looking back, I'm struggling to remember what the fuss/panic was all about... Yes, of course, things change when you have children, and you may not be able to do some of the things you would if you didn't have children, but it's not the end of the world and it's a matter of re-prioritising. And realistically I probably would never be able to do all the things I imagined I would do before starting a family. Being pregnant is a new exciting adventure in itself (just as life is, I guess) and it just gives me a new perspective, so I'm just thankful and very happy that it's happening to me (us :) ).

Speaking of which... I'm about 25 weeks now and both the little kick-boxer growing in me and I are doing great. Had a midwife appointment last week and was told that all looks as expected. Got to hear the baby's heartbeat (always love that bit!) and it sounded a lot clearer and stronger than the last time I heard it. My belly measured the right size for this stage, blood pressure ok, and the midwife was happy with everything.

Noticed I said "kick-boxer"? Oh, yeah... Now, more than ever I feel for poor hubby... One, because sleeping at night is difficult for me for many reasons (can't get comfortable, can't sleep on my belly - my favorite position -, can't sleep on my back - my 2nd favorite position -, the baby seems to be at it's most active during the night, etc), so I toss and turn a lot, which makes it hard for him to sleep properly. Two, because I tossed and turned a lot, even before I was pregnant (but at least I got to sleep), so now that I have the tossing and turning (with added punching and kicking) going on inside me, I really do sympathise with Hubs, for having to share a bed with me all these years!

Anyway, despite the tiredness, shopping for the baby has only added to the pregnancy-related happiness. We got a few bits and pieces, which means we now have a travel system, enough clothes for the first couple of months (I didn't want to buy too much, not knowing how big the baby will be, how quickly he/she will grow, etc), a grooming kit (hair brush, nail trimmer, etc), a bath support, a couple of cute blankets, a changing mat (to go in a top-cot changer), a front baby-carrier (Hubs insisted on it, so he should be using it the most) and I also made some sheets for the cot and carrycot (out of a good quality king sized set I had and never used!). I'm sure there are some other bits and pieces we got, but I can't remember now...

The best part is that we're (ok, I'm) actually organised about this (in total contrast to how I was in the first 4 months of pregnancy - I blame the sickness and lack of energy). I've researched a lot, read a lot about what is essential for a newborn baby from the perspective/experience of others and made up my own list of essentials. I really don't want to go over the top and buy things "just in case". I would rather just get what I think I will actually use, then see how things progress and only buy other things if/when needed. I would rather be smart with money and ensure that I can afford to take as much maternity/time off work to spend with my baby, then waste money on unnecessary baby things. After all, I believe a baby needs stability, love, comfort, food and probably little else.

Anyway, this to say, that I've got this list, which (so far) I'm sticking to. I'm taking my time to do research on most of the items, trying to find the right price-quality balance and I also took advantage of the January sales for most of the items we have already bought. The control freak in me finds this more organised and thought-through process a lot more enjoyable, than if I was buying everything on an impulse (although, I do occasionally allow myself the odd impulse-buy ;) ).

The next shopping trip will involve furnishing and fabrics, which I will use for decorating the baby/guest room, but this will be a subject for a separate (more specific) post. Uf, I think I've written enough...

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