Thursday, 10 February 2011

Keeping it simple

When starting this blog, "B's life" was meant to be a temporary name for it. At the time, I couldn't come up with an appropriate name, as I didn't really know which direction this blog would take. After over 2 year's of this blogs existence, I realised it wasn't taking any particular direction, it was and is simply for anything and everything I fancy talking about. But, looking back through it, I believe it does portray one of my favorite mottoes: "keeping it simple".
And this is present and "visible" in many (if not all) aspects of my life, from the emotional.. :

- I'm straightforward. Sometimes people don't like/understand it, but I believe in being straight to the point (no beating around the bush). I do my best to be polite and gentle with words, but when I think I should be direct, I am. This is not to cause offense or to hurt anyone, simply so they are aware of what I feel/my opinion is. In the same token, I prefer when people are straight with me. Even if I might not like to hear what they have to say, I like to know where I stand with people, or if I (inadvertently) have done/said something wrong. I don't like to play emotional games.

- I (although I don't consider myself a cold person) and the reality of life is that people can be mean or indifferent to you, so with those people, I tend to stay away and not waste my time with them (at least, when I do realise that I am indeed wasting my time with them). If someone says/does something that offends or annoys me I may or may not (depending on whether I think the relationship I have - or not - with that person is worth it) say something to them and/or deal with it in some way, but then I move on. What I say is what I mean, I generally don't try to hide my feelings. If I'm hurt/sad/annoyed/frustrated/etc, I don't pretend I'm not. Equally, some things don't really affect me much, and sometimes it's just that, and it's not me "trying to be strong" and hide my pain/sadness/annoyance/frustration/etc.

- I'm there for my friends/family/people in general as much as I can and I'm willing to help those in need, but I'm not a doormat and I don't like being taken advantage of, regardless of who does the taking advantage of.

- I generally don't care what other people think of me. I try to live by the "don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you" rule, but like everyone else, I'm (very) aware that I'm not perfect, and I do mess up sometimes, of course. And I don't like to upset anyone unnecessarily, so I try to resolve any issues I may cause. But, I always say that for as long as somebody has a problem with me (that I'm unaware of) and doesn't talk to me about it, it's THEIR problem, not mine (I'm not a mind reader, after all!).

- I live a simple life, as much as possible. I believe there are more important things in life than money, although I do, of course want to have a stress-free life too, which means not worrying about debts, bills, etc. I also want to be able to make the most of life, and because not all best things in life (in my opinion) are free (although they don't have to be expensive either), of course I work and do all I can to be in a stable financial position. I am ambitious, but I also strive to find a balance between work and personal life, because at the end of the day, work is for money, financial independence and career fulfilment, but life is for living and it's too short (another one of my mottoes).

... to the practical:

- Continuing on the financial note (above), I like the idea of living within our means, and do my best to do so. This means setting priorities & budgets, thinking ahead and planning where possible, but also allowing ourselves treats (including the occasional impulsive one!), within reason, of course.

- In almost everything I do (or buy), I try to think of the practical side of it (how easy/cheap it is to run/maintain/clean/etc). For example, pretty much everything I made/bought for the baby so far, is not only comfortable for the baby (I hope!), easy to use/put on/assemble, but it's also easy to keep clean/in working order. Of course, I found a lot of cute things around, but I tried to stick to the things that were cute, actually necessary (mostly) AND practical.

- Following on from the last post, I couldn't not mention my current enthusiasm for making/recycling things around the house. I have already some ideas in the pipeline, and I will surely be posting in more detail about these. For sure, the "keeping it simple" theme applies here too, as I want to go with the crafty flow, but I don't intend to go over the top with it. The idea is to make it practical, re-use things I may already have (with possible modifications for the new purpose), not spend too much time (or money!) on each idea and just make it an enjoyable process. It has been so far, so I hope it continues!

So, there you go... another long(ish) post to basically say (as the blog description does): "Keep it simple" and make the most of life!

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  1. I think making it simple and getting the most out of life is a wonderful mantra to live by. I try to appreciate all I have and not worry too much about what others think about me. However I think I'm my own worse critic. I think I will embrace all that is good in my life, after all life is for living.