Thursday, 3 March 2011

30 weeks and more crafty bits

I am now 30 weeks pregnant, and apart from the tiredness and the feeling that I'm carrying this extra weight (Oh, wait! I am!), the pregnancy is still going well, thankfully. We've have started the antenatal classes this week, which forced me to think about the actual labour (which I have been avoiding as much as possible) and to realise that it's going to happen at some point. I have not yet decided on the birth plan and to be honest I don't think I will have a plan as such. I have an idea of some of the things I would like to avoid, if at all possible, but I'm thinking that going with the flow and deciding what's in the baby's best interest (and mine too) when the time comes, is as better plan. It feels like this is all a long way away, but at the same time, the weeks are flying by so quickly! I better start thinking about packing that hospital bag... In the meantime...

I had mentioned on previous posts that I have this renewed enthusiasm for all things crafty... So, despite the reduced amounts of energy I get now (associated with being firmly in the 3rd trimester now, I guess), I got a couple more things done in the baby/guest room:
  • A revamped basket for guests/baby toiletries (depending on who's using the room at that point) - I had received the basket (originally lilac) as a present and as part of a set of lavender products years ago, and when we moved to this house it was perfect for the lilac room (as I knew we wouldn't re-decorate in there for a while, despite my dislike of the colour). Now, with the new colour scheme, it's out of place. But I like the little basket so much (for keeping all bits and pieces in there, rather than all over the room) that I decided I would make it one of my little projects: A lick (or 4!) of white paint and a fabric base to match the soft furnishings in the room. Fun and free!
As I like all things practical, I decided to make a base of cardboard with a plastic top (to protect the bottom of the basket,should there be any accidents with the toiletries kept inside) and a couple of fabric covers (so I can alternate, while one is being washed, or even change later, if the colour scheme in the room changes). So here's the result:

  • A cover for the tissues box - I know I didn't have to do this, I could just buy green tissue boxes. But, I have so much fabric left from the when I got it for the room furnishings, so I decided to do the cover (you never know, they might not have green tissue boxes when I go to the supermarket next, or worse, they might stop doing them all together!!! :P ). And here it is:

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  1. I love the fact you are letting you creative side out. I am amazed at all you are doing Barbs, especially how pregnant you are. I thought you are suppose to be sitting on a lily pad being worshiped. Can't wait to see you in April. Love you lots x