Tuesday, 5 April 2011

35 weeks and counting down...

It is about 1 month till the due date, but more importantly it's my last week at work before I go on maternity leave! I can't wait! I will hopefully be able make up for sleepless nights during the day! I hope the baby will wait at least until I have rested for a bit and organised the house for it's arrival. :)

It's all getting very exciting! And scary! But, I'm trying not to think of the scary bit, just looking forward to meeting the baby.

Of my To-Do list from the last post, here's the report:

- Wash and iron all the baby's clothes, bedding, towels, etc (well, anything baby-related that can go in the washing machine :P) - Check! Baby things are sooo cute!

- Pack the hospital bags - probably one with enough things for the shortest possible stay (i.e. best case scenario) and another one with extra things, in case we're staying in hospital longer than expected (and this will stay in the car boot, so hubby can fetch it, should it be required). - Check (mostly - only a few last minute things left to pack)!

- Assemble cot (and the little carry cot which comes with the travel system we bought, since I imagine we might want the baby to sleep in it downstairs during the day, while we're doing chores, etc) - Check!

- Install baby car seat - Check... sort of... it's ready to be thrown in the car when we go to the hospital. We plan to take it into the hospital (when we're discharged), take the baby to the car in it and then set it up in the car. We might need to practice installing though...

- Cook and freeze some healthy meals, so hubs and I have one less thing to worry about once we get home from the hospital - Still to do (when I'm actually off work)

- Leave house clean and organised (well, as much as possible, since we don't know exactly when labour may start). Again, this is to try to minimise the number of things we would have to worry about once we're home with the baby (I suspect we might have a lot of other things on our plate!). - Still to do (when I'm off work).

So, we're making progress and keeping busy. That's probably why it feels like time is flying by. And, just in case the baby is on time or late and so I don't find myself getting bored (whilst on maternity leave) , I have thought of a few little tasks to do like a bit of de-cluttering here and there, tidying up our filling system, organising photos and other files on my laptop (and updating all back ups) and do a lot of laundry (including curtains, seat covers, that sort of stuff).

So, now we wait... :)

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