Thursday, 16 June 2011


I'm loving being a mother!

Ok, I'll start from the beginning... My baby boy Eric was born on the 13th May, after making us wait for a week after the due date, at a healthy 3.75Kg (8lbs 4oz). His dad and I are so in love!

It's hard to describe this love and although people tell you about it, it's only when it happens to you that you really understand how it feels. From the very first moment I saw him, as he was put on my chest, this brand new feeling, this whole new "section" of love was created in me. And he seems to have fallen for me too, judging by the fact that my voice seemed to calm his crying and by the way he stared at my face, just a few seconds after he was born.

As for labour itself, I expected the worse (in fact, I think I mentioned here I was in denial about it) and overall it was a positive experience (and didn't put me off doing it again). It was very painful (pre-epidural, that is), but definitely worth it...

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  1. It's very easy to see why you love him so much Barbs. I must say he is the most beautiful baby I've seen. That may be because he is, which I'm confident is true or because I'm majorly broody myself :) I can't think of two more wonderful people to deserve such an amazing gift. Hope all is well with you guys. Will be over again soon for more cuddles and snuggles from Eric. Nads x